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I will not die because you wish so.
I will not die because you do not wish I live.
I will not die because you hate and despise me
I will not die because it is your prayer that I do.

So, I will not die, but shall live to declare the glory of God
The glory of God is a kind of supernatural glory
It is an everlasting glory
Glory that is eternal; unending, endless, unparalleled glory.

The glory of God,
The glory of eternity;
Glory that is above all,
The glory that came from birth.

So, it is not my portion
It is not a prayer point
Who says what God has not said?
Who answers the call of the angel of death?

Without ever reading through the story of a wanderer, many would conclude they have known the beginning and the end of a sojourner.

The grandeur Master, in His Master Plan, picks some as the Players, and some as Spectators.

Some would be at the gate, some would be security men and women,

some would be struggling to pay the gate fees, some would only gate crash.

Some are just in their own playing the scripts. Someone may be a good goal keeper but the referee says he shall be a defender or perhaps a midfielder.

The referee and the Grander Master may actually be playing different roles.

It is the game of life. The scripts are written even before we became any member of the Cast. The dramatis personae, the player, where “life is just a stage”!

If you fall and rise, it is just because it was not time to fall permanently, no perpetual injunction had been granted.

If you are rising, in whatever form you call a rise, a rise in salary, in promotion, in wealth, in health, in education , in all, all of all, it is because the time to fall hasn’t crystallised. Your mortgage is not ripe. The order of forfeiture or foreclosure is not ripe and matured.

Do not mock me.
Do not deride me
I do not oppress you,
I do not know . If I do, it was in the best interests of society.
Yes the society I came to serve. I did the best.

I do not know that I would be a governor
I do not know I would be one when I was born
Some years back, I never knew what today or tomorrow would be
I never knew you would judge me.

I later came to know that whatever I do, or do not do, the spectators must complain.

I read about Jesus, he was killed and murdered by his people.

They killed Jesù ômô Màrià.

I was part of the struggle for liberation.
I was part of those who contributed my share for nation building
I was one of those who stood for law and order
I tried to maintain peace and justice
I tried to ensure integrity and good education.

I could only work and act within my means. I was expected to touch every aspect of the socio political life. I should not concentrate on education and abandon health, structural infrastructure, education and others.

So I needed to assert my authority. “The Constituted Authority”.

I need to protect urban and regional planning law. I knew that Yinka Aiyefele and some of his friends would say, “sé o tan?” – hasnt it ended?

I knew they would say “after all”
Yes, afterall what is After All?

What is after all the anger and the pains?
what is after your hatred and lack of forgiveness?
What is after all you have achieved?

I have not asked ALL to like me
Everyone can not like someone
Some will hate you
Some will love you

So it was in the beginning and so, it shall be till end.
There will be YOU and I
There will be Day, there will be Night.
There will be Peace and War,
Government and the governed,
The Ruler and the Ruled
The Teacher and the Students
The Good and the Bad
It is world of Opposites.!
There will be Love and Hatred

So, I came and did what I could do
As at the time of when I did what I did, I did my best.
As at the time I said what I said, I was at my best
As at the time I acted the way I acted, it was the best I could do.
When I omitted to act, I couldnt do anything.
I was at my best during the struggle for survival

I did my best.
When I was away, I had a deputy.
I was a senator. I was a governor. I was even the chairman of the steering committee of this government.
I have contributed my portion to the development of my nation.

God Knows I have tried.

Then, when I suddenly became ill, the members of the world I came to serve became interested. Those who felt I hurt them, wanted me to die. Those who felt I blocked their time and chance wished i didnt survive it.

Even days before God called home his servant , many rumoured it that Ajumobi had died.

Yes he survived.
The news came.
The news stopped
And it came again.
The news came and came
And it stopped and stopped.

You are ALL CAME and you shall also STOP

But Abiola Ajimobi did not die because you wished him to die.
He didnt die because you didnt like all his policies.
He didnt die because he acted in a way that your ancestors did not approve.

He did what he could do, at the best of his strength and power.

Do not grieve about the dead. They have gone to rest. He did his best and he would always be remembered for the best he offered.


By Peters Agboola
26 June 2020

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