How Gospel Singer, Tope Alabi Survived Prophet Ajanaku’s Spell

tope Alabiajanaku5Some time ago,  the media was awash with reports of a burst up between Gospel singer, Tope Alabi and his erstwhile spiritual godfather, Prophet Ireti Ajanaku. It began with Prophet Ajanaku claiming to have anointed another gospel singer Ifemide.
Sources in the know divulged that the relationship between Tope and Late Prophet Ajanaku went beyond the open father and daughter relationship that both of them profess. A very dependable source revealed that part of the reasons for the imbroglio between the two personalities was that Tope was playing hide and seek with the acclaimed man of God.
According to a close source, Tope’s current posture was not what they agreed upon before the man of God anointed her music ministry many years back.
A reliable source said that before Tope Alabi climbed the success ladder, she used to go to Prophet Ajanaku’s church on commercial motorcycle (okada) and used to cry profusely each time she met the man of God as she was desperate for breakthrough, adding that she is now biting the fingers that fed her.
The final straw that broke the camel’s back, sources said, happened during the 2012 cross over night. Sources at the programme on the night of December 31st 2012 confirmed that Tope, who used to sit in the front row among the church officials, avoided the seats and went to sit in the midst of other worshippers as she had started avoiding her Spiritual Father then.
This sudden attitude of Tope, we were told, didn’t go down well with Pastor Ajanaku. However, acting on impulse on a very swift manner and citing the Biblical Prophet Samuel when he anointed David, while King Saul was still reigning, Pastor Ajanaku, midway in the service, reportedly collected the micro-phone and announced a younger female gospel artiste, Ifemide, who was attending the church for the first time.
Pastor Ajanaku reportedly told Ifemide to kneel down and told the congregation that a new baby has just been born. Ajanaku allegedly told Ifemide to carry on with the work of God with his full backing and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Pastor Ajanaku reiterated further that the anointing has been taken from someone else and given to the young lady. The indication was that the man of has cast a spell on his estranged ‘spiritual’ daughter, Tope Ajanaku.
What followed were accusations and counter accusation between Tope Alabi and her former mentor Pastor Ireti Ajanaku while Tope Alabi claimed that he helped his ministry financially and that the late Pastor wanted to sleep with her, the late Pastor said she did not help him financially and that it was Tope that demanding sex from him.
After the disagreement and change of hot words, washing their linen in the public through confrontations on the pages of newspapers and social media, things got worse for Tope Alabi as her fortune began to nose dive. With time, she realized that the battle is not carnal but spiritual; she was said to have ran to another man of God; Prophet Hezekiah Oladeji of C.A.C Cananland, Olode, near Ile-Ife in Osun state.
It was Prophet Oladeji who introduced Tope Alabi to fasting and prayers because, the gospel singer had depended on his ex-spiritual father, Late Pastor Ireti Ajanaku for prayers and the use of anointed oil and holy water from the man of God.
Prophet Hezekiah was said to have taken Tope and her husband; Soji to Ori Oke Erio in Ekiti State where they underwent 12 days of fasting and prayers along with some prayer warriors. At a point during the prayers a prophetic warning came out from Prophet Hezekiah that as God lives and His spirit lives, Tope Alabi’s greatness has just started and that any individual or group of individuals or anything whatsoever that mention the name of Tope Alabi for evil will die suddenly!

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