Dr. Ifeanyi Uba
Dr. Ifeanyi Uba

He is an embodiment of the Ndigbo soul. Very enterprising, never-say-die and an undaunting spirit only comparable to the one exemplified by Dim Chewuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, the late Dike Dioranma Ndigbo.  His energetic approach to whatever he sets his mind to achieve has marked him out and set him aside among his peers as an exceptional character to watch out for in the emerging generation of leaders. He was born on September 3, 1971, without a silverspoon, into a middle class family. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alphonsus Ubah of Umuanuka in Otolo, Nnewi, Anambra State, were teachers who instilled in young Ifeanyi the priceless virtues of honesty, hard work, independence, perseverance, selfless service, the fear of God, and the culture of innovative thinking and creative inventiveness and above all humility. All these attributes rolled into one moulded the astute businessman and philanthropist; Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah; the priceless jewel of Anambra. His zeal to be of help and render selfless service to his community manifested at a very early age in life when he offered to assist his struggling Parents to shoulder the responsibilities of the Family at a time none of his peers would ever dream of such. It was not entirely a rosy experience as he had to engage in trading and at the same time contend with the fear of imminent failure occasioned by a looming uncertainty nursed by his Father. At that trying moment,  Ifeanyi was always quick to assure his Parents that he would shoulder the responsibility of providing for the welfare of the entire family and that he would as well equip and develop himself, intellectually. Very focused and faithful to his promise, the height of the fulfilment of that vow to sustain the family and develop himself Academically was his enrolment for the globally acclaimed and prestigious Owner/President Management Program at Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA, an Ivy League Institution, and he came out in flying colours. Not only that, his relentless quest for knowledge and self-development has led him to participating in many high profile courses and Seminars within and outside Nigeria. His present day status of a billionaire and Philanthropic businessman was the product of his childhood upbringing; a purpose-driven life, rooted in determination, perseverance and exemplary robust commitment to prevail in the face of daunting circumstances and difficulties. He began his march to greatness at the point of adulthood.  At age 18 when most of his peers were not sure of how to find their feet, he began a regional trading business in West Africa. He began in Ghana and soon extended to other neighbouring countries such as Liberia and Sierra Leone and by the time he aged 19, he had earned his first N1m. He trade in stock was the exportation of tyres from Nigeria to Ghana and in no time, he soon dominated the business and became the leading tyre distributor to notable dealers in Ghana, Liberia and Sierra-Leone before the civil war that ravaged West Africa in the 90s halted his trans regional business. He relocated to Nigeria to find another way of doing something new. He looked towards the Central African country of Democratic Republic of Congo from where he began his auto spare parts trade. His venture into DRC was an instant success. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) eventually became his new home for quite some time, all his businesses were headquatered there from where he began expanding to other African countries.  Apart from re-launching his business and breaking new grounds business-wise, Ubah’s gift and talents equally manifested in the leadership qualities he exhibited in the DRC that accorded him recognition and finally elevated him to the position of the President of the Nigerian Community, at a relatively young age.  As the President of the Nigerian Community in the DRC, Ubah was saddled with the challenges and the arduous responsibilities of providing food and housing for hundreds of Nigerian refugees who fled the Neighbouring Congo Brazzaville as a result of political crises and instability that engulfed the nation. An indication of the ‘never-say-die’ spirit has continuously manifested at every stage of his life. The civil war in Liberia and Sierra Leone forced him to close his businesses and relocate to Lagos, Nigeria from where he went to the DRC. The outbreak of political instability and armed struggles in the DRC equally resulted in Ifeanyi Ubah leaving the country to relocate and establish a new base in Nigeria.  Despite the sudden change experienced in relocating to a new and more complex business environment and turf in Nigeria, Ifeanyi bounced back. In 2001, he established his flagship company, Capital Oil and Gas industries Ltd. and adapted quickly to the demands of the volatile oil and gas industry, courtesy of his mentor, Cletus Ibeto, who provided necessary logistics support to Ubah’s business, and equally tutored Ifeanyi on the intricacies of the oil and gas climate in Nigeria. By 2003 and 2004, through foresighted, visionary and uncanny strategic and analytical abilities, Capital Oil delved into haulage, transportation and retail of petroleum products.  In 2006, Capital Oil built its first strategic depot and commissioned the facility in March 2007.  The second depot was successfully completed a year later in 2008, and in 2010, the third deport was added and by 2011, the number of Capital Oil strategic depots have increased to four and he is not looking back. Life, for a man who dares to roar where the self-acclaimed braves thread quietly, is full of challenges and persecution often motivated by sheer envy or some other motivations.  It began when whispers crept into town that Ifeanyi Ubah, the billionaire, philanthropic businessman, respected by the masses including the hundreds of thousands of Okada men who gets free petrol from him, wants to contest for Anambra Governorship in 2013. Several phony allegations were cooked up against his person. A business dealing involving him and Cosmas Maduka was blown out of proportion, several attempts were made to cast into detention until a court of law freed him from their antics. Not done with that, He was named in the fuel subsidy scandal without substantial proofs. With that ‘never-say-die’ spirit, he weathered the storm. The ‘Jewel of Anambra’ now wants to devote more of his time and resources to the service of his people. He has offered to serve as the Governor of Anambra state on the platform of the Labour Party in the election slated for November 16, 2013. If given a chance, Ifeanyi Ubah will render selfless service to ‘Anambrarians’ the people he so much loved and care for.

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