COVID19: No curfew, its total lockdown -Osun Govt. clarifies

The State Government of Osun hereby reiterates that the second stint of the State-wide 14-day lockdown necessitated by the need to curb the spread of the COVID-19 in the State of Osun, is not a curfew but a TOTAL LOCKDOWN.
This by implication means that the State Government has not relaxed the order to accommodate human or vehicular movements at certain hours of the day during the period of the lockdown. The State Government considers defiance of this directive as civil disobedience.
Please be informed that all borders remain closed and interstate travels banned till further notice. All gatherings of any nature or density are not allowed. All functions and ceremonies, including burials, are put on hold. All markets remain closed,  but traders are allowed to display their wares in front of their houses.
The State of Osun is not totally in the clear yet, especially with more confirmed cases reported in adjoining States. Hence, the State Government’s directive that its people stay at home in their own interest is a protective measure.
The State Government sternly warns that the State Emergency Regulation 2020 is in full force, and its full weight will be brought against anyone who runs foul of it.

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