Breaking: Policeman, Abba Kyari emerges National Infinity’s ‘Nigerian of the Year 2018’

Abba Kyarri: Like A Diamond In The Dark

One is curious to contemplate that he is not real. That his exploits as Nigeria, nay Africa’s numero uno investigative police officer are fabled tales from James Hadley Chase series or to bring it nearer home, the lead character in Kalu Okpi’s classics in the famous Pacesetter Series, not many Nigerians will remember the late author of detective novels of the early 80s.

So much, were his exploits strange to our psyche because of the image and typical lackadaisical attitude of the Nigerian Police that we are all used to, that some have made open accusations of showmanship, cooked up stories or ‘unbelievably not true’ against Abba Kyari, Nigeria’s number 1 crime buster and enemy of the underworld gangs.

His rise to national consciousness began in Lagos during his days as second in command of the state’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad. 2ic as he was often referred to then, loomed large than the entire office not because he was attracting undue recognition to himself, but results of his efforts keep dragging him into well-deserved recognition.

The reward and recognition for his hard work, dedication to duty, uncommon bravery and patriotism, have been coming his way in torrents. At 43, he has set a record as the youngest Deputy Commissioner of Police in Nigeria.

Abba Kyari shines like a diamond on the black uniforms of the Nigerian Police. He is Nigeria’s most respected uniformed officer. His followership on social media is massive. His Facebook followership alone is about 175k. Narrating his exploits, in the line of duty, will amount to attempting to write an epistle. He is an example that in Nigeria, hardworking and dedicated men exist.

This award is to encourage him to do more and grow more like him.

In coming top at the 2018 Nigerian of the Year contest, Abba Kyari polled 1136 votes  (67%) out of the total the total 1697 to lead while ‘Miracle Doctor’ Oluyinka Olutoye, pride of the medical profession, a prince from Idoani and son of Maj. Gen. Olufemi Olutoye, Alani of Idoani in Ondo State polled 373 votes (22%) to come second while an Agro sector inventor, Samson Ogbole scored 186 votes representing (11%)

The 2018  edition is the second time organisers of the awards will be making use of online voting to decide who wins the award and the result leave nothing to add for the editorial team.

The award is usually presented to the winner during the Babatunde Jose Lecture on Media and the Society to be delivered by top media scholars sourced from Nigeria and around the World.

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